Que hacemos

URSUS Kapital se preocupa de la preparación e implementación y gestión de de prthe preparation and implementation of complex acquisition and sale processes for residential real estate (both individual and portfolio properties).
URSUS Kapital está presente en la ciudad de Berlín desde el año 2004 y dispone de una oficina


In the residential property segment, REALBODEN-INVEST GmbH´s investment strategy is characterized by long-term holding periods. This strategy relies on two sources of income:


*      Capital appreciation through vacancy reduction and active portfolio management

*      Cost reduction through continuous property management


Both points are supported by the modern asset management of REALBODEN-INVEST GmbH Resolution. Under this long-term strategy, REALBODEN-INVEST GmbH assumes responsibility for the lasting value and quality of the residential properties. For that reason, REALBODEN-INVEST GmbH makes an excellent partner for housing companies that may be seeking investors or buyers for their property holdings.